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The advancements in medical history have culminated into the awareness and functions of Fascia. The Fascia facilitates all communications between every single body part.


Six times more nerve receptors in the Fascia than muscles, Fascia exists in solid form, in liquid form (extra-cellular fluid) and communication in the Fascia is 15x faster than in the nervous system.


The Fascia is an extension of the brain, our entire intelligence, intuition and feeling—this is what makes the body one whole, and not a lot of parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

"This is the gospel of Rolfing: When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through.

Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself."

Dr. Ida P. Rolf


Fascia forms a whole-body, continuous three-dimensional matrix of structural support around our organs, muscles, joints, bones and nerve fibers. This multidirectional, multidimensional fascial arrangement also allows us to move in multiple directions.

Myers 2001; Huijing 2003; Stecco 2009


“The physical response to emotion is through the soft tissue... The fascia is the emotional body... feelings are felt in the total body—emotions travel through the fascial web. We then interpret the physiological sensation as anger, affection, love, interest and so forth... The reason your neck can’t straighten and lengthen may be because of the shock of being continually bullied in childhood. Physical work will only partially open that problem unless there is recognition that there may be an emotional origin.”

The Endless Web: Fascial Anatomy and Physical Reality (North Atlantic 1996)

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Life Unbound

Fascia has been enjoying the limelight in the health industry as one of the hottest topics in recent fitness conferences, workshops and medical publications. Because connective tissue has 10 times more proprioceptors than muscle (Myers 2011), the fascial matrix helps us react to our environment faster than the conscious mind can respond. Structural Integration therapy is a holistic approach to understanding posture and movement—an approach that sees them, not just as physical, but as emotional and psychological as well.

About the Ten-Series®


Sessions 1-3:

Called the "sleeve” sessions, 1-3 strives to loosen and balance surface layers of connective tissue.

Specifically, the first session is devoted to enhancing quality of breath by addressing the arms, ribcage, and diaphragm. Opening is also started along the upper leg, hamstrings, neck, and spine.

The second session stabilizes the body's foundation by balancing the foot and muscles of the lower leg.

The third session involves a “side view” to understanding how the head, shoulder girdle, and hips are positionally related to one another when standing.


Sessions 4-7:

Sessions 4-7 are referred to as “core” sessions and examine terrain found between the bottom of the pelvis and top of the head. The idea of core also includes the deep tissue of the legs for its role in support.

Session four begins this journey, its territory extends from the inside arch of the foot and up the leg, to the bottom of the pelvis.

The fifth session is involves balancing surface and deep abdominal muscles to the curve of the back.

Session six seeks to enlist more support and moment from the legs, pelvis and lower back, while the seventh session turns its sole attention to the neck and head.


Sessions 8-10:

“Integration” is emphasized throughout the remaining three sessions, as sessions 8-10 provide an opportunity for the practitioner to blend previously established advancements, and ones yet to be made, into the body in a way that encourages smooth movement and natural coordination.

During sessions eight and nine, the practitioner determines how best to achieve this integration, as the protocol is unique for each individual.

The tenth and final session is also one of integration, but more importantly, serves to inspire a sense of order and balance. Once completed, the wisdom of the Ten Series® will drive and support the body with health for years to come.


Fascial buildup that corresponds to areas of trauma can have a domino effect on the rest of the body, affecting the possibility of integrated functioning in anatomical regions far from the area of original trauma. This, because fascia is what connects and holds everything together; it is our connective tissue. Analogously, I’d like to argue that healthy fascia is not only our connective tissue physiologically, but our connection to the earth's gravity field that reinforces the body’s energy field.

Meet Brian

Inspired by the life changing results of Structural Integration, Brian Morford is a Structural Integration practitioner.

Brian's work has proven highly effective and educational for a wide range of clients from all spectrums of life. His work incorporates application techniques upon a foundation of Dr. Ida Rolf’s classic Ten-Series of Structural Integration® to achieve life lasting results.

$150 Per Session

Integrated 30 minute therapy session



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